5 Dec 2007

Subcaos & Hiatus - Split 7" (1995)

Band: Subcaos & Hiatus
Title: Split 7''
Format: 7”
Year: 1995
Style: Crust / Punk
Country: Portugal / Belgium


7inchcrust said...

Aha! A great ep!
keep up the good work! nice blog!
and bring on obscure bands from Portugal

Anonymous said...

Subcaos were awesome! I love their new material as well. Keep up the great posts!

Slobodan Burgher said...

wow, now this looks fucking interesting.

Anonymous said...

Great to see our stuff for download as its quite hard to find nowadays the originals.
Any questions about Subcaos email: bloodandironrecords@gmail.com

We are still playing...check myspace: www.myspace.com/subcaos

Cheers, Metal & Punk!